воскресенье, 21 октября 2018 г.

Вітаємо семикласників

 Переможці  шкільної оліміади з англійської мови:  Макарук Ігор 
 (7 В , учитель   Волощенко Н.Л.),  
Кобзар Каміла (7 В , уч.   Волощенко Н.Л.) 
Гриненко Софія  (7 А, учитель Мартюхіна О.М.).

 Показали гарні результати: Бондаренко Д.,  Бошлякова В.,  Гаринець А .,   Крамар Є.,  Кулієв А., Галайда А., Циплякова Н., Голуб К., Неваєва Д. 
Щиро дякуємо всім учасникам. Бажаємо  успіхів та ноих досягнень.

суббота, 13 октября 2018 г.

Про шкільні олімпіади

Запрошуємо знатоків англійської мови  безкоштовно прийняти участь в шкільній олімпіаді:
для 7-х класів 17.10.18  в каб. 37 об 14 год.10 хв. (проводить   Волощенко Н.Л.);
для 8-х класів 24.10.18  в каб. 37 об 14 год.10 хв. (проводить   Волощенко Н.Л.)
для 9-х класів 18.10.18  в каб. 37 об 7 год.40 хв. (проводить   Мартюхіна О.М)

четверг, 4 октября 2018 г.

Учасникам інтернет- олімпіади

Це дуже класно, що ви приймаєте участь. Вітаємо. Пам'ятайте, що на помилках вчимося. Якщо будуть, обов'язково відкоригуємо,  щоб в майбутньому не помилятися. Зустрінемося в перший вівторок після осінніх канікул
 в каб. 41 о 7 год. 50 хв. для  загальної фотосесії учасників. Сертифікати та дипломи, приємна посмішка та гарний настрій обовя'зкові.

воскресенье, 30 сентября 2018 г.

Our Teachers were Taught

 Our pedagogical team understands that the teacher ceases to be a teacher when he ceases to study. All increase their level of qualification, using various forms of training. Recently, with gladness, headed by the administration, passed the first module for improving the level of proficiency in the Ukrainian language. Dominating methods of work , therefore, were not only in the classrooms, but also actively  role played the situations. Imagine, some even felt a real teacher's happiness when the student is superior to his teacher. It happened so  that our graduate, and now the methodologist of the department MOIPPO Beredikhina I.V. (Kolesnik) successfully conducted master classes for us on a high methodological level.

пятница, 14 сентября 2018 г.

Good News

 Hooray! There is a nice news.
Got it:
Diploma For participating in the formation of the educational space of the author's development library for teachers "On the lesson".
Certificate for participating in the webinar with mozaBook on the platform EdPro . I was a member of the 40-hour Primary and Advanced courses. I  received theoretical knowledge and practical skills for creating and filling the lessons with the help of mozaBook educational software and mozaWeb portal.

среда, 5 сентября 2018 г.

About Summer Holidays

Dear N.L
 I would  like to tell you about my summer holidays.
It's already the end of the second month, of  my summer vacation! Vacations are the best time to relax and enjoy, and l eagerly wait for my summer vacations every year.
In June l was at home, l went to the cinema, walked with  my girlfriends, visited various stores, and generally did various interesting things. But in July l went to the sea. I realy like to go to the sea. I had a lot of interesting photos.To go to the beach is my favourite summer occupation. It was warm on the boat  and on the beach but the sand was hot.It's very funny and interesting do have a rest at the sea.
                                       Lena Ishchuk 

 Sofia’s Story.  Version  2
 Summertime is ideal for having vacations. Schoolchildren have a very good chance to relax after a hard academic year. My family  decided to spend July in the Western Ukraine. Our  auto trip across all Ukraine was very interesting. We stopped to see some impressive sights, picturesque landscapes. We,  my younger sister, brother and me, got new and useful knowledge on geography and history of our land. My family spent some time in the countryside, in Ternopol  area. We came to see my father's relatives.
Then we went to other cities and towns of the Western Ukraine. I got the greatest impression after I visited the Museum of Hutsul Magic in the Carpathians area  It was really exciting! We heard very interesting stories about the history of creation of the film, curious facts about Ukrainian magic and cultural traditions.
 In June and August I stayed at home. Reading books, playing games, listening to music are my favourite activities I always enjoy. I have the brightest impressions about the summer holidays. 

понедельник, 3 сентября 2018 г.

The First Day of School

Despite the fact that schoolchildren are now suggested to be called participants in the educational process, they, as they were, were just children. After the summer holidays were very happy to meet with the school, teachers, friends. But the bravest  really successfully rescued their classmates at the

English lessons.

Тема: методика викладання англійської мови в загальноосвітній школі

Методичний бюлетень Щоб кожен вчився (Використані ресурси Інтернет НУШ) Щоб кожен вчився, отримував не тільки знання, як це відбува...